Need recommendation for Property Management Company - N Austin

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I have a 4 unit multi-family property in Wooten Neighborhood, North Austin, need recommendations for a local property management company that can work with an out of state investor.

Current Issue 

  1. Current provider is a national chain and doesn't have local insights to get local renters based on the area.
  2. Turn around time for finding renters is high due to strict guidelines and online-only marketing strategy.
  3. Property maintenance is very expensive, they only work with pre-qualified vendors.

Thanks in advance

Keyrenter Austin.  I have been using them for more than 3 years.  Excellent service!  Please check their reviews so that you know that it is not only me who is extremely satisfied with their service.  Also, they do house inspection/visit (w/ accompanying report) to make sure that your renters are taking care of your property,  I don't live in Austin, but I never worry about my rental because of Jonathan of Keyrenter Austin.