Hi All-

Just to be different:  a maintenance question.  Posting in local forums to hopefully get local feedback.

One of my properties,  a 1980 built 4-plex in Burien has those steel and concrete "cantilevered" stairs on the exterior.   These are the stairs you often see on 60's through 80's buildings with a central steel stringer and precast concrete steps welded to it.

The stairs at this property are in need of some work - the biggest issue is that many of the steps are cracked or spalled badly enough to need replacement,  one step in particular is bad enough that it is becoming a safety issue.   The steel hand rails also need some repair in a couple places and updates to meet modern code.  (4" maximum gap spacing)

Has anybody else in this general area (Seattle area, or western WA) had work done on this type of stairs in the last couple years?   If so I'd like to compare numbers with the bid I have received,   which works out to about $600 per step for replacement of all treads and rebuild/update of steel handrails to meet code.   

Given the work requires heavy lifting, metal work, welding, etc.   I'm not surprised its fairly pricey,  but looking for a gut check since there don't seem to be many parties interested in doing the work before I accept this bid.    Thanks for any thoughts.