Buying vacant land from deceased persons daughter

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I have a piece of property I found and reached out to the owner about buying. Turns out it was owned by her father and he passed away almost 20 years ago. She has been paying taxes ever since and just wants to get rid of it, and is willing to just let me have it if I do the leg work of getting it transferred to me legally. Hes still the current deed holder. Can anyone tell me how I would be able to get it transfered to her so that she can deed it to me? The property is a very small vacant lot and isnt worth a whole lot so Im afraid involving a title company or hiring an attorney to file something isnt worth the cost. And I would like to learn how to do this on my own for future reference.

@Chris E. maybe reach out to a title company and ask what the process is. First step i would think is finding out if there is a will or trust in place. This would at least tell you if there's somebody in line to inherit the property. If not i believe you have to go through probate. Never done it before but interested as well to learn the process. Good luck keep me updated.

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