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Hi Everyone,

I'm an investor out of Portland, OR that owns a handful of properties locally as well as in the midwest. I am a MASSIVE Packers fan and made my first trip to Green Bay for a game back in December. Needless to say, it is extremely expensive to get a place to stay on weekends during the football season. It is definitely a goal of mine to own a property in Green Bay that I can use to stay at when I attend games and then Air BnB out and make some money when I'm not using it. Anyone on here own an Air BnB in Green Bay and have experience renting it out to Packer fans? I'd love to pick your brain to understand exactly what comes with owning property in Green Bay. Thanks!

Hi @Matt Cox I see no one has responded yet so I thought I would chime in.  While I don't own an AirBNB I have following the impact of COVID on the industry.  Rental home bookings have quadrupled between May 19 and June 30.  (AirBNB said they had more bookings in that period than they did all of 2019?!) People are viewing AirBNB as safer and cleaner alternatives to a hotel which was already viewed as being "germy".  So demand is likely going to grow.  People renting AirBNBs like to see disinfectant wipes provided for when they arrive so they can sanitize door knobs, etc.  

It's curious to see where sports venue attendance goes in the future.  How each stadium will respond and try to implement their own precautions.  Some may elect to decrease seats sold to provide social distancing.  Which means less people travelling for a game.

Now that last part is all speculation.  What's good is that Green Bay has sufficient attractions beyond just the Packers game to likely be able to support an AirBNB beyond that.  The Green Bay HOF is an attraction in itself.  I would imagine renting to Packers fans is likely no different than any other sport.  It's a gamble about parties, unit damage, etc.  I would be more concerned about the away teams and what they might bring more so than the hometown fans IMO.  

I'm hoping by me replying someone with real experience with sports AirBNB may see this post and comment. Never the less, I hope I gave you some food for thought. 

Hi @Matt Cox

We are a couple hours west in Eau Claire WI and have a lake home Airbnb - in town, not a vacation area.  Since May we have had very steady demand.  To @Corina Eufinger 's point I wouldn't be excited about having Detroit fans come visit :) and parties in general can be dicey - though we are overly strict up front to discourage those folks from renting in the first place.  Though if you just come to all the games  that will be a moot point. :)

Our model is that people like to share space - a four+ bedroom house is much preferable to two to four hotel rooms.  As people travel like this more the demand will continue to expand for that product.  We have lots of first time users still - probably in the 70% range.

Wisconsin is decent from a legal standpoint (though going down hill a little with Evers) I would guess Green Bay might be a little different because of the Packers games but a quick call to the county health department and city zoning would answer that.  Also there is an Airbnb facebook group that is pretty knowledgeable.  Plus home prices aren't crazy.  

Good luck! 

Hi Corina and Steve,

Thank you both for the information. As I've been going through this process I've been learning more about how Green Bay has a whole lot more happening than just the Packer home games every year. I have also read quite a bit how more and more people are moving away from hotels and toward Air BnB due to not wanting to get sick and wanting to have their own space. Steve, what do you see in the offseason months during the winter as far as your occupancy rate?