Green Bay
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Future investor seeking guidance
Hello everyone, Quick background on me, I grew up around real estate and have always had a special love for the business as a whole. I graduated a year ago, and have since locked down a corporate job and have again... View more
Green Bay, Wisconsin Air BnB
Hi Everyone, I'm an investor out of Portland, OR that owns a handful of properties locally as well as in the midwest. I am a MASSIVE Packers fan and made my first trip to Green Bay for a game back in December. Needless... View more
Property Management recommendations?
Hi! I have an inherited property in Sobieski that currently is empty. Unfortunately, a pipe broke this week and while the plan is to sell the property in the Spring, my question is: Does anyone have recommendations for... View more
Best Property Management Company in GB area
I am curious if anyone has a property management company in the GB area and what their experiences have been? The one I've heard of the most is Blue Frog. I'm curious as to what all the typical fees are and if it pays... View more
New to BP and trying the 90 Day Challenge
Hey Everyone,I am newer to BP and trying to soak in as much information as I possibly can from forums and podcast. A lot of them say networking is key so I will be trying to do that. I live in Eau Claire Wi. and am... View more
Rental Information in Two Rivers
Good evening,I'm looking at buying a property in Two Rivers, Wisconsin and was wondering if anyone has any history in the area or any insight regarding the area?   I appreciate any feedback!
Building Business Credit
Building business credit has been something that has come up a lot when I have been looking for doing deals. Basically to start from nothing I have learned that my business needs to be set up as an LLC, has its own... View more