Attny in Fayetteville area for double closing

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Hi BPers,

Does anyone have solid recommendations for a great attorney in the Fayetteville area that will do double closings?

Thanks in advance for the recommendations!

See also Double Closing Title Companies/RE Attorneys in Greensboro NC. My comments there still stand. Most attorneys will pass on back to back closings, even funded transactions, unless they know you. And even then (if they know you), you and the attorney will have work to do (with title insurance coverage, etc.) to make it happen. The easier method is to close on the A-B side, wait a week, then close the B-C side. That's exactly what I did when faced with this issue, meaning I had a buyer under contract before I actually closed on my purchase. There was a realtor involved and the spread was kind of high, so I just closed and held for a week or two. 

In the event you are looking to buy with the end buyer's money... meaning not bringing funds to closing, I think the odds of finding an NC attorney to perform this NC Bar violating function are low, maybe zero. I couldn't find an adopted opinion on this specific topic and I believe this is because the 'dry closing' is understood to be a career ending move if performed by a closing attorney (see NCGS 45A-4). Maybe a licensed NC attorney can weigh in.... 

Here is an example in the NC Bar disciplinary reports of what happens in NC when an attorney is caught "falsely indicating on the HUD-l Settlement Statements he created for real estate transactions that the borrowers in the transactions brought funds to closing when in fact the funds were provided by the seller." The documents look the same as a regular closing, just the funds aren't there, and that's not allowed. 

Disclaimer: I had closed real estate transactions with this law firm, but am not involved in this case.