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We Fund Deals High Risk Even With Prior MCA Defaults; No Credit Check

Prestige Business Financial Services LLC has over 30 Funding Options!!

We Can Fund All Deals (High Risk) Even With Prior MCA Defaults; We Don’t Check Credit!!

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  • - Merchant needs a minimum of $8500 gross revenue per month for each of the last 3 months
  • - Funding for default merchants even with No Zero Balance Letter or Satisfaction of Judgement
  • - Same day funding
  • - Even Below 500 credit is ok! Even No credit score. We Don’t check credit
  • - We will fund Any position as long as the revenue numbers work out
  • - No Brick and Mortar proof or rental checks or valid leases needed! Just a Drivers License, voided check, and proof of ownership (POO)
  • - We will consider almost all industries. This includes Lawyers, CPA’s, Liquor stores, Cell phone stores, Gas Stations, Auto repair, Gas and Oil Machinery, Drilling, Mining, etc
  • - We advance form $5000- $3 Million. We do not fund deals below $5000
  • - We do Weeklies – where the daily balances qualify and the previous positions are also weeklies
  • - We always offer pre-prepayment discounts to your merchants, starting at 15% down to 10%!
  • - Many merchants will love this potential discount! This is on a deal by deal basis

Requirement Details:

  • - Credit no problem
  • - Prior MCA defaults no problem
  • - Need to have at least $8500 in gross revenue per month
  • - Average daily balance can be as low as $200
  • - Need to be in business at least 6 months
  • - We work with High Risk clients
  • - We need application (will send) and last 3 months of business bank statements
  • - Daily payback but weekly is an option if client qualify

Items Needed For Review:

- Application (attached)

- Last 3 Months of Business Bank Statements

Mid and Long Term Plan. Get this funding and work to improve your credit and business and we can help to qualify for better rates, terms, higher amounts later. We offer:

  • Rapid Credit Repair- $795-$995
  • Tradelines $550- $2000 – Boost your Score in 2-4 Weeks
  • Business Credit Building to Paydex 80 - $2250

Use some of the funding to take part in the programs below to position yourself for better funding later.

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