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Earn 20-40% Per Month Passive Income with Crypto Trading Program

Earn 20-40% Monthly with Crypto on Autopilot; You Have Control!!

Are you interested in making 20-40% passive income per month? Want a investment you can control?

All Passive Need at least $600 to start.

Details are below:

- You can make 20-40% returns per month and the money stays in your own Bitcoin wallet.

- Dont have to worry about the company closing down and you losing your money.

- Dont have to send your money to eveyone else.

- Dont have to worry about them paying you when they want to.

- Withdraw your money when you want to

- Deposit as much as you like

- You have control.

Below is the information and overview of the Crypto Platform my team is using. Could make 20-40% per month. Review all the information and when you ready let me know.

Highlights of the Program: Let me know if you want to get started.

  • 100% Automated Crypto Trading
  • 100% Liquid
  • Your Funds are always under your control
  • 20%-40% Monthly Historical Average
  • Recommended $500 Minimum- No Max
  • 0% Performance Fee
  • Deposit / Withdraw Any Time
  • No VPN required
  • $99 a Month fee; Paid with Bitcoin
  • Withdraw Fee would be whatever your Wallet fee is
  • Control your own funds and access your funds when you want
  • Open Wallet (I will tell you which one to use) and fund the account with USD Tether
  • You pick the trader you like to trade your account. Can switch trader later if you like. They trade from your account. No need to send funds to someone else. Fund your own Bitcoin Wallet.
  • Referral program available if you have a network and want to share this great opportunity

Let me know if interested and have at least $600 to get started. $500 to invest and the $99 for the first month membership fee.

If ready we can setup a call to discuss. Email me at - [email protected]

Prestige Business Financial Services LLC

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Email - [email protected]

Phone- 1-800-622-0453