Posted 11 months ago

Reality's Truth vs. Your Expected Truth

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There are a million reasons people get angry, and hearing bad things about themselves is one. This is because their expectations run counter to other people's perceptions. Of course, the truth can be more painful than a piercing bullet. Its pain subsides for a long period of time and can get too difficult to handle.

Withdrawing from that sudden rush of pain can never do any good at all. It'll only prove that you're too weak to accept those various facts about yourself. Truth can be your guide to enlightenment because it’s a reflection of your life’s reality and you can’t expect 100% satisfaction with the words that other people say.

Now let's begin to know how you can face the painful truth.

Lies comforts us better than truths.

It's our defense mechanism to react once we hear bad things about ourselves. Those words that could hurt our feelings and our ego can definitely demoralize us. We can't ignore the fact that we commit mistakes or that we are likely to get criticized for the things we say and do.

The meanest possible words that we usually hear are the truths that we don't want to accept. So, lies make us comfortable because of its unique style of satisfying our desires. Then again, we ignore the fact that truths are meant to teach us how we should run our lives.

We create a world full of lies

Don't you know that a small lie can snowball into a bigger one? Our avoidance of truth is what inflates this into a world of deceit. This hides us from the piercing pain of reality. Those are the reasons that our mind produces to cover us.

If we want to live a worry-free world, we must be ready to accept truths. Why? It’s because it'll make us grow and it'll take us to a whole new world which is acceptance.

We can't stop the truth from hitting us

Imagine a life in which deceit reigns, where judgment is non-existent, and no one’s there to point out all our flaws. Do you get the picture? It’s a nightmare! We are free to express ourselves with lies, but there's always a price to pay when we lie.

Lies can't help us learn and grow. They will only manufacture a dreamland where nothing is sincere and authentic. So, if we want to live genuine lives, we need to accept reality’s truths because these will help us grow in the long run.