Posted 6 months ago

How Can Buildings Improve Energy Efficiency?

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With the time, energy efficiency improvements in real estate are becoming more affordable, as property owners are investing heavily in energy efficient construction projects more than ever before. Since under 30% of all energy in the US is directed to all sorts of commercial buildings, apartment complexes, schools, etc. And the goal is simple, to minimize environmental impact and reduce energy consumption. Also, upgrading to an energy efficient building can help you to increase the durability of the building, ensure safety and health, and reduce operating costs over time.


Energy efficient roofs are designed to reflect sunlight rather than absorb it and they are durable and can improve construction comfort and last longer than traditional roofs. And applying a layer of reflective pigment to an existing metal roof with a low slope will reduce solar absorption to less than 45%. For steep roofs, clay or concrete shingles are recommended, where solar reflective grains embedded in them can reflect sunlight while keeping the roof cool.


Your insulation should make your building as airtight as possible, as it is designed to reduce heating and cooling needs. And this can be achieved by using a high performance insulation and unconventional wall systems that provide additional insulation. Replacing old doors and windows so you can avoid air leaks in the winter time in your existing buildings can be a great investment in the long run. Energy efficient building materials to consider include spray foam insulation, structural insulated panels, home waterproofing sheeting, insulated concrete, etc.


A good ventilation system will help you to maintain good air quality and prevent moisture build-up, remove pollutants, and improve air quality. Exhaust fans and spot ventilation in bathrooms and kitchens reduce pollutants and moisture, also natural ventilation is an economical and energy efficient option and is made of a combination of ceiling fans, spot ventilation and window fans working together to ventilate the airflow. You need to remember that all systems must be properly sealed and maintained to improve energy efficiency and prevent leaks and moisture build-up.


Having large windows in your property could be great, as they bring in plenty of natural light, consequently, direct sunlight raises indoor temperatures, forcing buildings to use more energy for cooling. Energy efficient windows and low emissivity window glazing that could save energy and cool buildings without using more energy in warmer climates. You can also improve the energy efficiency of the building by sealing materials to the outside of the building and installing window coverings on the inside.


All energy efficient buildings are in need of lights, that's why using LED lights, that will last you longer, are durable and use little energy is a great solution when it comes to lowering the cost of the bills. Adding efficient light controls, such as dimmers, where your tenants can control the amount of light needed.

6.Heating and cooling.

You can find that heating and cooling could be the two biggest energy costs. So switching to an energy efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems is always a great option, where you can improve energy efficiency by up to 25%. HVAC systems can reduce energy consumption, but make sure to keep air vents clean, replace air filters regularly, and perform annual maintenance on your HVAC system to maintain optimum performance.


Upgrading the old appliances with energy efficient ones is another way to lower output of energy usage. Invest in refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, stoves, washers, dryers, etc. Where for example, you're going to find that energy efficient dishwashers will use less water and energy and almost all appliances guarantee lower energy consumption and lower costs in the long run as well.

If you are looking to upgrade or reposition your property to increase the efficiency of the building or generate more income, feel free to ask me any question.