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Posted over 1 year ago

Was professor Matheson Right about Polar Park?

Take a look at this article about the Ballpark from August 22, 2018.


I agreed with Professor Matheson then, and I do now.

The main benefit from the ballpark has been that Worcester is happier with itself.  Is that an economic driver?  Perhaps.

It has put Worcester on the map as a city, and drawn outside investment which has been good.

But, most of those investments have come with tax reductions or other deals to get them here.  Construction costs about the same in Worcester as it does in Boston, but the land is less expensive, and the rents are lower at the end.

There have been a couple high profile closures of businesses and restaurants in the Canal District.  Are those because of Polar Park taking up the parking spaces, or is it because of Covid and other trends.  

We cannot turn back time to see what would have happened organically in the area.

Either way, we now have a park, and people know where Worcester is.