Posted almost 8 years ago

How To Find A Good Roofing Contractor

– Replacing your roof is not something you do maybe two to three times in your lifetime. Therefore, finding a goodroofcontractor will take planning so that the completed product will meet your expectations. Just do your homework and the results should be OK.

Here are a few ideas we have learned:

* Ask your friends and family. If they are with their results, then they should be Ok to pass it on.

*Better Business Bureau– The people at your local office can provide you with contractors who have received thumbs up feedback.

* Always ask each contractor for references.

*Home DepotorLowes– Speak with the people in the “Pro Desk” section about which contractors are visiting their store every day. That will show anyone which ones have an active credit account with them. It is also show which ones are busy. Busy contractors tend to be competent contractors.

* Check each license with the state regulatory agency to verify it is current and active.

* Ask each contractor how long the people on your job have been with his/her company. You will want to avoid an experienced contractor with newer/inexperienced workers.

* Ask each one if they will purchase all the necessary materials for the job.

* Verify that their plan includes post project clean-up.

* Find out if a dumpster is needed and if the price is included the price of the job.

* Verify the contactor’s insurance including property, liability and worker’s compensation. And that their coverage is at least the minimum statuary coverage for your state.

* Get at least three quotes from experienced local contractors.

* Always negotiate.

* Check with your local insurance broker. They handle lots of claims and can tell you the contractors which are reliable.

* Ask them if their price estimate/quote is free as it should be.

* Find out when they can start your job. You want a busy contractor, but not overly busy.

* Get everything in writing.


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