Posted almost 4 years ago

Do you have RE conference FOMO? You should!!!

So, you've read the blogs, you've listened to the podcasts, and you have bought every book mentioned throughout. You are ready to pull the trigger and invest. But, there's a little nagging question that YOU have been afraid to ask. 

"What's up with all these Real Estate Investment conferences?"

It seems as though EVERYBODY offers one.  So, are you missing out on real opportunity or is someone on BP going to tap you on the shoulder in a post and not so discretely exclaim, "HEY YOU! YOUR NEWBIE IS SHOWING!" So, let me save you the anxiety you have been feeling. YES, there is great value in attending the conferences held across the country about RE. Now, let me explain why.

First, it s a great place for someone to go when you aren't sure if real estate investing is for you. Why? You will meet not just other newbies sharing their fears but seasoned investors and if you play your cards right many times the voices you have been listening to and reading. 

You will find new and creative way of looking at your problems and you will have 100's and sometimes thousands of people who LOVE talking about it.

Perhaps you work in an industry where networking isn't important. I can't imagine what that would be, but networking builds real relationships. Relationships bring all of the assets YOU need to start your investing, generate your leads, make introductions to team members, find lenders/partners/JVS, AND  you may even make yourself friendly with a few people who could pan out to be mentors!

For me, its a great outlet for my unfurling passion about RE. (Man, when you have a spouse that doesn't eat, breathe, sleep investing like you do it can REALLY create a rift...this also helps get approval to take a week or weekend away from the family ) 

 Now, once you make the move into real estate investing and especially if you have an LLC you can write off the trip as a business expense.  But, that's the gimme reason.

I have said it once and I will say it again.

BUILD YOUR INVESTMENTS AROUND GOOD PEOPLE AND YOU ARE BOUND TO SUCCEDE.  Even a great deal can go south when bad people get their hands on it.

Conferences are filled with...people! So, go and make a friend, build some confidence, create a team/associates/group of mentors/founders/friends. You may just have a little fun doing it.