Iintoo Real Estate Investing With Shoshana Winter

Thursday, December 03

Shoshana Winter managing director for iintoo USA, shares the opportunities for passive investors to take advantage of iintoo’s data science to achieve predictable returns. Mining The Data The success of iintoo, is rooted in its data science. Digging into the numbers and looking for the trends is...

BIGGEST RISK Real Estate Investors Face

Wednesday, July 17

What’s the BIGGEST RISK Real Estate Investors face? Find out how Scott Krone answered the question. 
 To listen to the entire interview go to: http://traffic.libsyn.com/comm...

BIGGEST RISK Real Estate Investors Face

Wednesday, July 10


Financial Freedom through Multifamily Investing

Saturday, February 10

Financial Freedom is a common goal of real estate investors. Most start with a single family property, thinking that over time, they will grow their portfolio to provide enough income to give them freedom from working for others.LISTEN:http://bit.ly/2BufWCoCREPN126dlMichael Blank is an engineer ...

How to Market to Sellers Who Don’t Know They are Selling

Thursday, February 08

Marketing is a part of any successful real estate investment strategy. Whether you pass business cards, mail letters, make cold calls, network, or go cyber, marketing is key to long term successLISTEN: http://bit.ly/2EdFh4gCREPN130dlTom Cafarella is a CPA turned real estate investor. What separ...

What to Look for in a Commercial Real Estate Mentor

Friday, October 06

A good Commercial Real Estate Mentor can teach you the lessons they have learned and give you the shortcut to building real wealth.Listen: http://bit.ly/2y9e83sCREPN111dlReal Estate is a people business. You need to have people in your network that you can go to when you have questions. Peter H...