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  • What is the best list to send direct mail too?
    Replied August 23, 2017
    @Rashid Algaradi not a good answer to that question because there is so much that goes into that. I say go on feel and not on the cheapest price. The other part of it is to buil... See more
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  • Investing In College
    Replied August 22, 2017
    @Quang Tran the simple thing to do is work with a local investor and become a bird dog. This a person that go out and find deals and bring them to the investor for a fee. It's e... See more
    Reply 39 replies
  • Yellow letter got returned due to not deliverable as addressed
    Replied August 22, 2017
    @Tony H Truong go in the phone book and call every name with the last name of the owner and asked them do they know the owner. It's an old trick that works.  See more
    Reply 2 replies

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