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  • How Can a College Dropout Buy a Duplex?
    Replied August 17, 2018
    so what conclusions did you arrive at regarding this “deal”? what are your plans going forward? See more
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  • Investing in Louisville
    Replied August 12, 2018
    We invest in Portland and the West just have to be strict about how you screen......have a criteria and stick to it...... run yours numbers and don’t get anything w... See more
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  • Cash-Out Refi w/o 6-mo Seasoning Period
    Replied August 11, 2018
    @Aaron Hans the process took about 3-4 weeks.... I would guess it doesn’t matter when they get involved but the earlier the better so they can walk you through the different opt... See more
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Member Blog What's the point in owning rentals.......

This article evolved as I wrote it. I started jotting down some random thoughts just to help myself analyze rehabs vs rentals. Here is what I found out.....Let's assume one flip could "potentially"...