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Hi, I became interested in REI while serving my community and family as an Allstate Insurance Agency Owner for 28 years. I had too many things on my plate until one day I found myself disabled by physician and cognitive disorder. So to keep my Brain from eroding too fast I jumped in and started learning. I really don't remember how I found BP but Boy am I glad I did. I love this society of Investors. I have made great friends and worked deals and looked at deals from several members. I help run a Non Selling REI meetup group in Longview and attend my friends group in a town about an hour away when my body does put me down. Now my experience. I purchased a buy and hold home turnkey and have a resident there. I purchased my first two planned fix and flips and did what a lot of beginners do, I didn't know enough not to pay too much and put too much into them. So now I have 3 SFR homes with residents paying rent. I am blessed to receive above market rents for all three by taking care of the families needs where i can. I believe from adolescent that the only true way to be successful is to serve our fellow man. i give where and how I can and try to be a positive role to my residents. Yes I have had some take advantage but it was not planned nor seen ahead of time. I use Bigger Pockets wherever I can to learn and grow and do my investing. I love the books, blogs, webinars and podcasts. And mostly, the relationships I have gained by helping others in my limited knowledge. I even had the opportunity to do a meeting at the group I help lead on how to utilize Bigger Pockets in investors business. It was easy as I have utilized the site extensively.

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