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Hello everyone, my name is Marcus. I am 27 years old, a pharmacist at Walgreens, and from Roselle which is in North/Central Jersey.

To me real estate is completion of who I am. It has always been on my mind even since high school and it’s no longer in the back. Real estate offers unlimited potential and the only ceiling is how high you are willing to go.

My why is to be free! Part of my current schedule includes working 9am-9pm every other Wednesday/Friday. How can I be a father and mark my calendar as those are the days I don’t see my children??? That thought sickens me like I’m being controlled by someone else. But still, I love my job as a pharmacist and will always be a pharmacist. Even as a successful investor, I can’t see myself totally stepping away........therefore

My goal is to use real estate is replicate my current cash flow to where I can scale down my hours and spend more time with my future family, more time traveling, and having the state of mind of freedom.

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