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  • Future Real Estate Developer with Questions
    Replied January 15, 2018
    Hello @Adam Eckerman permit me to recommend attending any local ULI events and or NAIOP.    I would also check with the economic development council that is affiliated with the ... See more
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  • College Degree for a proffesional investor??
    Replied January 9, 2018
    Thank you for your service.   Hard to go wrong with finance, economics or accounting.  At any rate, I would look at joining ULI, NAIOP, and ICSC. See more
    Reply 28 replies
  • Asset Protection Strategy
    Replied December 31, 2017
    I first must recommend seeking local counsel and this is not intended as legal advice.   Generally, it is my belief that asset protection is a shiny object that is used as a rea... See more
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