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  • Any 1099 employees struggle getting financing?
    Replied May 29, 2018
    It will be very difficult unless you have a personal relationship with a private bank. Traditional fannie mae and freddie mac financing is out. Don’t even call those mortgage ... See more
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  • Subject to deals or double closing
    Replied May 29, 2018
    If she is contacting your for REALTOR services then you should list it. You should not try to buy the house. The owner can make a claim that you took advantage of her situatio... See more
    Reply 2 replies
  • Any 2018 marketing ideas ?
    Replied May 29, 2018
    Marketing for what exactly? Fix and flips? Subject 2? Realtor listings? I have a whole list of marketing idea’s. Tell me more so I can help. See more
    Reply 1 replies

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