Reuben Stone

06 January 2015

Brian was more than willing to have a very in depth telephone conversation with me in regards to many real estate investing strategies. His time and knowledge was truly appreciated. I approached Brian with many questions regarding master leases and his answered all of them in great detail. He even provided insight to . alternative approaches that he has seen success from. Definitely a mind that you need to tap into if given the chance!

Melodee Lucido

01 November 2012

Brian has been a great mentor/coach. He knows the lease option business forwards and back. He is compassionate and thorough in his teaching. I am so glad to have found him here on BP. I am sure that as I put his techniques to work I will begin making regular money in crei.

Dale Russo

18 June 2010

Very sincere agent trying to help his sellers. Nice person.

Schelley Stamps

11 April 2014


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