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  • What else do you invest in besides real estate?
    Replied October 5, 2008
    Well my partners and I do a little internet marketing, some affiliate stuff not much be selective, and we invest in a few small auto sale companies.The principles of real estate... See more
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  • What are your views on the bailout?
    Replied October 5, 2008
    I don't think the bailout was a good idea, I just think it was the only idea. If you have a glass with a hole in the bottom, the water being the economy, until you figure out ho... See more
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  • ***Official July Goals Thread***
    Replied July 24, 2008
    My goals for July are: 1. Form an LLC 2. Find financing for deals with no money out of pocket. 3. Have at least two deals under contract one in negotiation. 4. Formulate a plan... See more
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