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  • Out of country investing woes
    Replied August 9, 2018
    @Cory O'Dell That's what drives people to the C (and D) neighborhoods. Higher returns. It takes a great Property Manager or you have to be more hands on to do this successfully.... See more
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  • Out of country investing woes
    Replied August 7, 2018
    @Cory O'Dell, I understand your frustration. My first investments were back home while I was stationed out of the area. It's tough to get things rolling sometimes. (BTW, I was s... See more
    Reply 20 replies
  • Hello! New member interested in REI from Dayton/Cincinnati Area
    Replied August 5, 2018
    @Brandon W. Come out to the local meetup, you'll find a bunch of like minded people you can sit and chat with about REI. It's every 2nd Monday in Fairborn, the next one is 8/13.... See more
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