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  • Economic Stimulus Plan
    Replied January 30, 2008
    remember what you did with the last rebate? That was in better times and it didn't do anything. The fact that they might give us money and then turn around and tell us not to sa... See more
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  • Trimming the Fat
    Replied January 30, 2008
    Timeshares tend to overstay their welcome. You might try to donate it for a tax write-off, or title transfer services like Timeshare Relief -- none of these options may net a t... See more
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  • stay or go?
    Started August 3, 2008
    I broached this topic in my intor, but I wanted to open it up for wider discussion. With the real estate market in trouble, is this a better time to buy or sell? I lost a lot of... See more
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