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  • Please Help BP my buyers list has stalled
    Replied January 14, 2012
    Listen to Chris....Good advice. Who's buying what and where...Principles are the same in every county. I've pulled a few sales from findcashbuyers but if you know how to use the... See more
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  • How to avoid double closing?
    Replied January 14, 2012
    Call around and ask if the title company does doubles. A good title company will handle it legally with no problem. You NEED a good title company, don't kid yourself here. Fo... See more
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  • Foreclosed homes with tenants still there?
    Replied January 14, 2012
    The banks cant release all of their inventory at once or the values will fall even further. In order to stabilize the market they only trickle them out a few at a time. That bei... See more
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