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  • Get Cash Back for Your Mortgage or Refinance
    Started June 4, 2010
    Loan Home Inc. is a mortgage lead generation company that is the only company that will actually put cash back into the consumers hands when they get a mortgage or refinance. Lo... See more
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  • Blue Collar man trying to kick the daily grind
    Replied June 4, 2010
    Michigan is a great place to live and to buy property. My wife is from the U.P. and it is amazing what 30k can buy you up there just for a vacation home on Lake Superior. Good ... See more
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  • Direct Mail: Long Copy Vs. Short Copy
    Replied June 4, 2010
    This is very similar to the most effective capture pages online. The longer the ad copy the more effective it is in converting leads. You might get less opt ins but those that r... See more
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