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  • When is the right time to quit my job?
    Replied March 8, 2016
    You don't have to necessarily quit. You could just go part-time, but either way, is it really all that risky to quit?Say you quit, and went at it doing full time REI and you fai... See more
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  • Looking for a strategy
    Replied December 20, 2015
    Perhaps financing other people's deals for a nice return? See more
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  • Do You Ever See A House And Think...
    Started December 17, 2015
    Originally posted by @J Scott: I don't eat at McDonald's, but I wouldn't mind owning one...  Lovely line haha!I got both your books by the way, they are wonderful!Thanks to eve... See more
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Member Blog The Time is Near

I've been feeling like this forever. Like I'm going to get back into flipping houses soon, and now I think I can say that the time is near, for reals this time.For those of you who may be curious o...

Member Blog The Game Plan

Alright, so the obvious plan is to flip houses in 2016. But how do I get from here to there? Well let me lay out some things that I believe are instrumental in reaching that goal. I'm going to give...

Member Blog Back In It Officially!

Brief post...I have officially went out and priced a couple houses today! I'm going to submit offers today as well! Woot!-Manuel