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  • How are you making $$$ today?
    Replied August 24, 2010
    In this market fix and flipping is a diificult business, but deffinatley still do able. I use a few different strategies. 1. Buy small bulk- 5-10 homes at a time from a wholesa... See more
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  • Octoplex in nice neighborhood
    Replied August 24, 2010
    Where are you getting a mortgage on an income property with $0 down? I know it says assuming, but it's not gonna happen. See more
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  • Are you really a investor?
    Replied August 20, 2010
    Alysha, "They" are the people who made 30k per year and thought the best investment was to buy 5 multi families and mortgage them at 120% of their value. Obviously you didn't f... See more
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