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  • SBA Loans For Residential Fix and Flip?
    Started December 2, 2010
    Looking to find out if anyone on here has done any residential fix and flips using the sba loan method, and how you structured your first deal. To your success, Christopher Dyer See more
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  • Looking to lock first property for fix and flip.
    Started November 17, 2010
    Looking to get some creative idea's for financing. I've talked to serveral HML and they require min 660 FICO and 20 Percent down. I see alot of people making deals flipping hou... See more
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Member Blog Fix and Flip first deal with 10k to invest.

Looking to lock up first property for fix and flip.  For those out there, if you had 10k to start your journey, how would you structure your first deal?ARV- 265,000Purchase- 143,000Repairs- 27,000S...

Member Blog Wholesale homes NY using Transactional Funding

I was looking to see if anyone has any sucess using transactional funding for wholesaling.  I do know that you have to hold onto properties for a certiain amount of time leaving the double closing ...