Ruben Kanya's References

I've had the good fortune to have met Ruben and as my first investor relationship in our local Atlanta market (via Bigger Pockets). He's been a big encouragement to me and helped me stay focused on getting a deal. Ruben is always friendly, and honest player and is a selfless motivator. How can you top that?! Thank you, Ruben.

Relationship: networking, investing partner. Written 29 Nov 10:58

Ruben was instrumental for me in closing a small multifamily deal in Atlanta. Before that, though, he took the time to understand my goals and what I was looking for in an investment. He talked me through potential different strategies and helped me connect with other great people as well. I look forward to doing more deals with Ruben!

Relationship: Ruben was my realtor.. Written 29 Nov 18:15

My company is based out of South Jersey, and we are building a portfolio of multifamily and commercial properties all over the country. Ruben and I started working together when the time came for us to venture into the Atlanta market. He has been instrumental in helping us understand the market and local multifamily and commercial real estate dynamics. He has an investor mindset and always operates at the highest level of professionalism. He is a reliable partner, who brings a ton of value to the table. I've also gotten to know Ruben as a thought leader on social media. He is very knowledgeable about real estate and is always eager to help.

Relationship: Business partner. Written 22 Nov 08:34

Had the pleasure today to interview Ruben on my podcast called Finessing Real Estate. We produced over an hour of valuable and enjoyable content. Ruben shared information such as where he started within the real estate industry, where he is now, and his plans for the future. He discussed topics such as wholesaling, buying and selling, and contracting. He also emphasizes through his real world experiences how his wins and losses have led to create such a humbling experience. I look forward to working with him again soon. Thank you Ruben.

Relationship: Interview . Written 13 Nov 13:23

Ruben is a great consultant. When I first met him I was having trouble with the lead generation aspect of my business. He helped me to see where I wasting my time and then gave me detailed documents on questions to ask my sellers. In every encounter, he is always timely and punctual. While also providing me with the best service.

Relationship: Business Partner, Consultant Client . Written 07 Nov 16:43

Ruben is a great resource for Real Estate knowledge. We met at his Other People's Time Real Estate meet up where he displayed impressive organization and leadership skills. He has been great at introducing me to different Real Estate concepts and resources to learn more about those concepts.

Relationship: Colleague . Written 07 Nov 21:01

I attended Ruben's OPT meetup in New York and was blown away by the value and information I learned during the session. All participants shared their knowledge and experience, no matter how extensive. I was really impressed by Ruben's range of knowledge and ability to connect with everyone in the group. He organized a great case study during the session that generated a really informative conversation in the group. Really looking forward to the next meetup!

Relationship: Colleague and friend. Written 13 Nov 19:12

Ruben is an all-around class act! He is kind, responsive, knowledgeable, and goes above and beyond to build relationships. He is committed to excellence in all he pursues. He and I have closed real estate deals and have worked together to grow our network of investor relationships in the Atlanta market. He is a great business partner and even better friend!

Relationship: investor partner. Written 11 Nov 07:06

Mr. Ruben has been fantastic by assisting me with my goals. He has been instrumental in helping me avoid pitfalls, developing the right team and laying the foundation for long lasting success. I look forward to a long and healthy business relationship.

Relationship: Mentor. Written 30 Jul 11:00

If you're looking for a savvy real estate agent/investor, Ruben is your guy. Ruben is not only a good real estate agent but he is a good friend. Ruben has never told me this, but one of the most important things to him is integrity. The dictionary defines integrity as - the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. I would go a step further and say Ruben is the epitome of Integrity. I would say Ruben is a genius who is constantly working on self-betterment through self-education and networking; his soft skills are impeccable and his actual knowledge about real estate is endless. Its always good to have a good leader on your team. Ruben was able to assist me close on my first rental property - a duplex (house hack) in a very competitive part of Atlanta's metroplex due to his vast knowledge and his strong team. It's not what you know its who you know, and If you're looking for a real estate agent, partnership or just high-level network colleague, Ruben is your man.

Relationship: Business partner and Real estate agent. Written 18 Oct 18:18

Ruben is a winner plain and simple. He takes the right approach with people and investing. Value add first! It's such a rare trait that when you see someone like Ruben do it so well, it's eye-opening. Stay tuned for this guy's trajectory. If he was a stock, I'd buy!!!

Relationship: Mastermind. Written 03 Feb 18:57

I have been working with Ruben for the past couple of months and have nothing but good this to say about him. He is a young professional who is not only highly knowledgeable in his profession, he is also a student of the game as well. Ruben is tactful, timely, and is a great communicator. He always had my best interest and heart and provided quality advice and courses of action in different situations. I will definitely be working with Ruben in the future. Ruben would be an invaluable asset to any team he is apart of!

Relationship: He is my Agent. Written 17 Mar 14:34

I first met Ruben here in NYC at a meet-up that he organizes. Ruben holds these meet-ups just to facilitate like minded individuals to learn, network and ultimately create synergies. He doesn't have any other agenda or is trying to sell you anything. It took about a year and half but when I was ready to purchase my first Investment property in ATL, he was my first call. He made the process as smooth as possible considering everything was done remotely as I'm writing this during the Covid-virus 2020. Ruben was also on stand by if I needed any assistance or consultation during the lending process. Looking forward to working with Ruben in many more ways for many years.

Relationship: Investing . Written 23 May 18:49

A seamless and absolutely amazing experience my partner and me had with Ruben Kanya as our realtor in Atlanta GA. My partner and I recently bought an investment property in Atlanta, GA. Ruben's knowledge of the Atlanta, GA area was invaluable and he really helped my partner and me to navigate through the stress of buying the right investment property. He always made us feel like his #1 priority. I am confident in saying that if you are looking for a realtor who is also an investor in the Atlanta, GA you want a realtor that isn't just about making a sale, but someone who is kind, trustworthy, and dedicated to you as a client. Do not look any further!! Just please reach out to Ruben Kanya.

Relationship: Business relationship. Written 24 May 18:50

Working with Ruben has been a great experience and I will certainly continue to work with him to find and close on future deals. He and his team are very professional and each person plays a role in which they specialize. Ruben is great at analyzing, advising, and negotiating deals, while he has boots on the ground to help in sourcing potential properties that may fit your needs. I was able to close on my ideal property, a duplex in Atlanta, GA, while also getting a phenomenal deal. If you like to work fast and efficiently, Ruben is your guy.

Relationship: Buyer. Written 26 Jun 09:14