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  • EXPERTS WANTED: How to spot foundation issues.
    Replied July 13, 2018
    @Sean Snider you will serve yourself well to hire a foundation expert or at minimum an experienced contractor to walk the home with you before you buy or while you are in escrow.  See more
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  • New to flipping houses
    Replied July 13, 2018
    @Travis Brown1. find a local flipper that you admire (get out networking)2. ask them if you can be an unpaid put in work for them while you learn the game3. get going... See more
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  • How do you make money flipping?
    Replied July 13, 2018
    1. get deals flowing from wholesalers2. do your own deal research3. find houses that need a lot of TLC4. make sure you have a true comp (more is better) within 1 mile of your su... See more
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