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  • The Art of Short Sale Investing
    Started March 29, 2009
    Short sale is a topic that has created a big time career for a good number of real estate investors. It has also been used to save lots of homeowner out of their real estate dil... See more
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  • Short Sale Processing Company
    Replied February 24, 2009
    We exist and we are called Loss Mitigation Firm...fance name for a private investor/short sale specialist. We do better job than having a realtor do a short sale. We have been... See more
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  • "Getting the Deed" in Alabama.
    Replied February 24, 2009
    Getting the Deed is useless in my opinion. What you need is a sales contract and that is all the bank needs. You do not want a deed to a property with so much encumberances o... See more
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