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  1. 10 Ways to Work with Banks to Get the Financing You Need

    over 4 years ago by Alex Everest

    As a real estate investor, it’s important to have access to financing. Whether you’re a rehabber who needs construction financing for a fixer upper, a wholesaler who needs...

  2. How to Get More Than The Asking Price For Your Property

    over 6 years ago by Account Closed

    When the number of real estate buyers is greater than the number of available homes, real estate property values usually go up. It’s an ideal environment for sellers because buyers are ...

  3. Real Estate Money: Where to Get It in the Post-Credit Bubble Market Place?

    almost 7 years ago by Michel Lautensack

    Real estate money and access to quick cash is the key for any real estate investor. Having cash to buy properties is the life blood of your investment business. But where does this money come fro...

  4. Private Lenders: The Most Important Person in Your Business?

    almost 7 years ago by Michel Lautensack

    A Private lender is the single most important person in your real estate investment business. Why? Because as traditional lending sources have tightening lending practices real estate investors ar...

  5. HUD 223 (f) pros and cons

    almost 6 years ago by Adam Klingher

    Borrowers who never considered FHA/HUD are now being told they need a FHA/HUD 223 (f) loan. However, most borrowers, and brokers who are selling this product, don’t understand the issues relatin...

  6. The Magic Of The Wraparound Mortgage

    about 6 years ago by Doug Mitchell

    In times like these, when the economic future is so uncertain, let’s take a moment to revisit a lending vehicle that most people aren’t thinking about at the moment, the “wrap.” I know, I ...

  7. The Basic Features of Real Estate Investing Loans

    over 6 years ago by Account Closed

    As a real estate investor, one of the things you think about constantly is how to procure real estate investing loans.

  8. Should You Do a Lease Option or Sub-2?

    about 6 years ago by Jason Hanson

    Learn how to decide which type of deal (lease option or sub-2) is the best way to go.

  9. Private Real Estate Money: 5 Advantages of Private Money

    almost 7 years ago by Michel Lautensack

    For real estate investors there are numerous benefits and advantages to private real estate money versus hard money loans or mortgage loans to fund your real estate investing business. Knowing the...

  10. Loan Modification Hardship Letter Guidelines

    about 6 years ago by Emmett Dixson

    We have been getting a ton of requests from people, begging us for advice about mortgage hardship modifications and mortgage loan modification hardship letters.

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