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  1. Private Lending: A New Way to Fund Your Real Estate Deals

    over 6 years ago by Michel Lautensack

    As a real estate investor, you need to calculate all the risks involved before going for private lending as a mode to acquire money. Do your research and try to find private lenders involved in thi...

  2. Four Ways to Get Money From Your Equity

    over 6 years ago by Michel Lautensack

    If you have an existing piece of income producing real estate that you bought within the last couple years, you most likely have a significant amount of equity in that property. How do you get tha...

  3. Real Estate Money: Where to Get It in the Post-Credit Bubble Market Place?

    over 6 years ago by Michel Lautensack

    Real estate money and access to quick cash is the key for any real estate investor. Having cash to buy properties is the life blood of your investment business. But where does this money come fro...

  4. Private Real Estate Money: 5 Advantages of Private Money

    over 6 years ago by Michel Lautensack

    For real estate investors there are numerous benefits and advantages to private real estate money versus hard money loans or mortgage loans to fund your real estate investing business. Knowing the...

  5. Private Lenders: The Most Important Person in Your Business?

    over 6 years ago by Michel Lautensack

    A Private lender is the single most important person in your real estate investment business. Why? Because as traditional lending sources have tightening lending practices real estate investors ar...

  6. Private Lending 101: Who Are Private Lenders?

    over 6 years ago by Michel Lautensack

    Private lending is the practice of borrowing money by a real estate investor to be used to purchase rental real estate directly from private lenders rather than a bank or other commercial lender. ...

  7. Mortgage advice for borrowers unsure about recent market changes

    over 6 years ago by Andre Savoie

    Government officials dropped a bombshell when they announced the seizure of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Is this good for borrowers? It is a good news for the short term implication...

  8. A Real Estate Prognostication

    over 6 years ago by Ray Klotz

    What the real estate future holds.

  9. Private Lending: How to Do Group Presentations to Raise Private Money

    over 6 years ago by Michel Lautensack

    I recently wrote an article titled “The 4 Top Ways to Raise Private Money for Real Estate Investors” (posted here) where I laid out the top 4 ways to raise Private Money to grow and develop you...

  10. How to Use Hard Money in a Slow Market

    almost 6 years ago by Sean Flanagan

    Learn some basics about Hard Money and when you should and shouldn't be using this type of funding source.

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