Real estate agent referral for West Philly/University City

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Hey BP,

My name is Patrick O'Neill and I'm a General Contractor, residential/commercial painter and property manager that is getting into REI. My goal is to focus on acquiring multi-unit properties to hold as rental properties.

I am looking for a Real Estate Agent that works in Philadelphia, and is acquainted with the West Philadelphia/University City area and and has a good performance track record. I would ideally like to find an agent that works with residential and commercial multi-units but would also be happy with working with a separate agent for both residential and commercial as long as they are good at what they do.

Is there anyone who can recommend a qualified agent or agents that would make a good network connection? I would appreciate any referrals and/or input. Thanks!

I am an agent/attorney and know west philly very well as I own several properties there.

@Patrick O'Neill  there u go. What better person to here it from then an agent who invest in that area! Hey @Rich Williamson , what type of attorney are you? 

I was a corporate attorney but generally only do personal injury and real estate transactional work now

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