Rental in/near Charleston, South Carolina-Agent Help

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Not your typical BP post but here we go. My wife and I relocating to Charleston, SC  due to a job transfer at the end of the month and need a little help.

I am looking for any insight any BPer's may have as to areas to look at in addition to a Realtor. If we get in contact with a Realtor I will make sure we only look at properties with them so they will receive the commission. (No one likes spending time pulling listings for charity! :) )

We will be looking to rent and as a realtor myself in Orlando, I know realtors generally avoid renters as there isn't much in it for them and I totally understand. Fortunately I know specifically (more or less) what I want, where I want. I know the pricing may be tight given how expensive the market is in our desired areas but we could consider anything near the Mount Pleasant and West Ashley areas that are nice areas to live but within a 30 minute drive of downtown. If you know anyone who may be able to assist please let me know. At some point in the next 3 weeks I will be in Charleston for 1 day at which point we will look at all options and have a lease signed by the end of the day. I would think I could have it narrowed down to 1 or 2 properties in each area prior to getting to Charleston.

We have narrowed our search down to 3 areas with criteria for each.

1.) Downtown Charleston, anything within 2 miles of Broad St. Budget is $2100/month and the smallest we could do is a 1 bedroom with room for a dining room. (800 sq ft+) From what I've seen the community Elan Midtown would be our best bet but any other options would be considered.

2.) Mount Pleasant- Here we would want a house with a backyard but a townhouse with a yard would do. Preferably this would be a 3 bedroom and be under $2100 a month. Ideally something upgraded with granite, wood floors, etc.

3.) West Ashley- Same as Mount Pleasant, upgraded 3bdrm +, yard, and less than $2100/month.

Thanks in advance for your advice/help!

I recommend Jim Algar of 843 Real Estate.  He grew up in Mt. Plesant, knows the market, and is a realtor/broker/property manager.  He helped my sister and her family find an apartment 3 years ago when they moved to town, and Jim just helped them buy a bank-owned house in June.   Great guy, great realtor, great property manager.

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