Taking opinions on Best Real Estate Company to work for...

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Hello all....
I wanted to take a tally of best Real Estate Companies or Firms to work for... I am not as familiar as I would like to be on the pay scale in the real estate profession. The reason why i started this thread is that my wife is looking at a career change from the banking industry into real estate. She is an excellent sales professional, and really excells at all she does. I am looking at investing into real estate in the future ( I can just about do anything to a house, so it only makes sense...) and am thinking it could benfit the family as a whole... So all, Fire away.... thanks :groovy:

There is no one national or even local company that is the best for eveyone. To find the best fit for her she will have to interview many brokerages in your area. Also don't just go on the franchiser name one franchiser in my area has 10 different offices that thay have sold franchises to. Shee need to find the level of commission split, company fees, company support, and training that she needs to become a good agent. By the way most agents quit within the first 2 years so be sure to look at up front costs and promotional costs to get going with and don't count on any income for at least 6 months after she starts maybe a year.

IMO the 'Best' Real Estate Company is the one your wife feels most comfortable with.

The process involves meeting the brokers or office manager and deciding if she likes what they have to offer. Remember, it's a two way interview process. Not only will they be evaluating her, but she should be evaluating them as well.

Have her speak with other agents in the office. What are their feelings about working with that Broker.

A suggestion I would make, is to make sure there is training available to the new agent. Either from the broker/office manager or from the company itself.

One thing that I have noticed that really sets agents apart is how much and the quality of training do they receive as a new agent.

Best of luck to you and your wife in her new profession. It really is a great profession to be in :D

I wouldn't get wrapped up in commissions or companies. If I was starting out, I would look for the best agents in the area and go work for one of them. Greed can often ruin a career. I think if you work for an agent who is already a Top Producer, you may not get the highest pay out possible, but you so many other things out of it, it would be well worth it. For example, you get a steady stream of business, which keeps food on the table, and allows you to start building your clientel. If you do it right, they are going to remember you, not that you were on team such n such. Second, it will help you get into markets that can be harder to get into, like the luxury market. Third you will have a personal mentor, who you can learn from. You will have various questions from day to day, but you will also see the wider spectrum from working with that team.

Jason Popkin