What's the best city to be an agent in California?

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As of last Thursday, I'm halfway through my real estate clasess and im planning for the near future. Currently living in a rural city in northern California (Eureka, Ca) and I'm having a tough time deciding where I want to settle down and focus on making sales. Im open to all cities in the state (29 years old, single, no kids). I talked to a broker in my town and it seems like they make a solid amount a year, I just feel like I can do better financially elsewhere. What are the pros and cons of hanging your license in a rual/big city broker and what cities would you recommend?

I think it is really up to you. I think that regardless of where you hang your license and how big of a city you are in you will have opportunities and can truly be limitless in your potential. I think it all depends on how hard you want to work. Also just because you are in one particular city doesn’t me you can’t expand outward. I think it is difficult but I know agents that live a good hour away from listings, but dedicated time and energy to learning that area and making an effort to get listings there.

Think of where you would be happy to live and I will agree that looking at the market to see if it is sustainable is a aspect to consider. But if you are just starting out maybe starting in an area you know already and growing from there is a good game plan. Just because you hang your license with one guy doesn’t mean you can’t move when you feel you have outgrown the area.

I will give out a warning in populated areas. If you are not deeply connected with a dense community like where I live in LA you can get lost in the crowd. There are so many agents and it is difficult to find a niche or even one smaller neighborhood to specialize in. I know agents that literally have a 5 block neighborhood and they focus on that just because there are so many agents in the area.

Thats definitely something to keep in mind. I appreciate the reply. My teacher mentioned the same thing about bigger cities being overcrowded with agents. 

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