Any online broker needs NO Association of REALTOR Membership?

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I used to be a REeBroker agent. ReBroker is an online broker, charges flat fee commission split. Since I only bought properties for myself, it suited me well.

This year, the broker started to ask its affiliates to join Association of REALTOR membership. I do not want to do that, since I used to be member of no association, (I even did not subscribe MLS for disclosures have MLS records.)

So I would appreciate it very much if someone can let me know if there is another online broker which does not require its affiliates to join Association of REALTOR membership, and it charges flat fee commission split.

P.S.: I know it is good to have NAR, CAR, MLS ... but like I mentioned, I bought for myself, and I do not bought very often, so I indeed do not need them, so please skip the importance of the NAR, CAR, MLS ... I appreciate it.