hard money lenders outside of Boston

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Looking for hard money lenders for Worcester County, MA but everyone I've contacted so far doesn't lend in that area.  Looking for some referrals please!


@Pat McCandless I would be happy to hear about the opportunities you are pursuing and what we might be able to provide for funding.  Feel free to send me a PM to connect and I can get you some additional information.

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@Pat McCandless - Just giving you another option here, you might want to chat with Ann Bellamy. Very active on BP and in MA, NH markets and also one of the founders of Black Diamond REIA.

We have not personally worked with Ann (yet!) but heard great things.

yeah I would agree. I see Ann at the Black Diamond meetings. She is very active and helpful

Thank you, @David Sohn and @Chris Anderson .  I have keywords set up for Bellamy and for Black Diamond, so I appreciate the shout out.

@Pat McCandless I do lend in Worcester county, but not in all of it.  If you send me a colleague request with a message with your deal location, we can discuss it.  Or call me, phone number in my profile

Hello Pat,

Would you be interested in a acquisition and rehab line of credit based on 5X liquidity and 65% of retirement accounts?

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