I am getting ready to send my first 1,000 yellow letters that I bought from yellowletters.com.  I did things a bit backwards, I purchased the 1000 letters the end of last week but have not sent them over my lead list yet because come to find out I paid for the leads upfront for two months of pre-nods with equity planning on sending my list to yellowletters on Monday and the list the company gave me was about 20 pre-nods with equity (and this is after I responded back yesterday with a wider search criteria, hoping this would give me more).

With that said I am now regrouping and trying to determine the best group of motivated sellers to send to. I am going to send some to non-owner occupied with equity, ect like many have suggested. The lead company can give me some of these.

But I just really wanted to send to more targeted list of people that because of life circumstances "need" to sell their home.

Any suggestions that you can offer especially for the California market, I am scrabbling now since the lead company I paid for took my money and didn't produce anywhere near what I needed to send my 1,000 letters that I have already purchased they are waiting on me to send my list, that I now don't have.

Thank you