Hello dear BP members,

I hope you are doing well!

These days I checked several threats in this nice Bigger Pockets forum and found several people have already asked about investments in Costa Rica.

I know how real estate investing is done in the U.S. and I also know, that you can't use the same approaches and strategies 1:1 for Costa Rica (some strategies just don't work here).

In Costa Rica I am specialized in high-yield investment deals (8%+) in the San José area and also in high-end luxury properties with great ocean views and good rental income potential in luxury tourism.

One of my projects right now is providing a larger investor client/partner of mine with 8%+ yield p.a. real estate investment deals (in the 200k asking price area per unit) in great neighborhoods in growth zones in and around San José. He plans to invest in about 30 apartment units this year.

Since I have a team of realtors and property managers in place and act also as his partner this won't require much or any administrative work (e.g. collecting rents, finding new tenants, etc.) on his behalf.

So if you want to know more about real estate investment options from someone who has been in the real estate business in Costa Rica for 12 years now, don't hesitate to chat with me via Skype, WhatsApp or Phone:

Cheers, Tobias