hi all! My husband and I have Irish citizenship and are thinking of buying a period property in Ireland with some acreage and running it as a wedding venue. I'd prefer something within an hour's drive from a major airport and in a rural setting off a major highway. The cost of such a property would be within $500,000 to $1,000,000 USD and then of course we'd need some funds for repairs and emergencies. We could pay for a 20% deposit in cash but would probably need an outside investor or two to help with financing. Is it smart to try to team up with other investors on such a property or would it be better for us to save up more and get a cheaper property by ourselves... any thoughts would be appreciated :) We would also be looking to use/build a small cottage on the grounds as a family home for ourselves, while renting out the main house. I have all the skills needed for design, marketing and event planning.