Hello everyone, My name is Jacob Mellow and I am 28 years old. I currently live in Columbia, SC and have lived here for a little over two years. I am originally from Orlando, FL where I was born and raised. I was asked to transfer in my company to Columbia and continue to work full time managing on our evening shift. I wanted to reach out and put my name in the forums so that I can start to network and build a strong foundation for myself. I have been around the business of real estate my whole life (mother owns and runs a title agency) but never actually put any of my own effort into it. After working my company for 6 years I’ve come to a realization that I need a back up plan for mine and my fiancés future. I have only completed some college and have no trait school skills. I make a decent living off of my regular job but like I said have to back up for the rainey day. That’s where real estate investing comes into play. I’ve been looking into for a while and have talked to multiple family members who have encouraged me to go for it really immerse myself with it. I’ve been reading a good amount of books as well as researching on YouTube where I was able to find BiggerPockets! I’m looking for mainly to buy and hold and maybe an occasional flip to help fund my purchases of rental property’s. I’m very motivated but unfortunately do not the have the capital yet. As of right now I am working on finishing paying off any debt I have and have gotten rid of my truck payment by selling it and getting a “beater”. Hope to be able to connect and speak with the large amount of investors here to learn and grow. If anyone knows of any meetings or gatherings in Columbia, SC please let me know. Even though I might not be able to buy anything just yet I still would love to learn how it’s done. Thank you, Jacob Mellow