Hey guys, I am in the process of purchasing a retirement home for my mom. The home is in a depressed area and we are purchasing it for just $24,000. The contract is already signed to pay for the home in cash. I was pre-qualified for a personal loan, but after they looked at my tax returns they rejected my application. I've tried a few different lenders. The problem is I am self-employed and my latest tax return shows 0 in income because we write off everything to avoid paying taxes. This puts us in a really tough position. 

My mom's landlady just passed away and they will be selling the place she has been renting for 18 years now so she pretty much has to move in the next 90 days. I am now looking for other funding opportunities, but it all seems difficult being self-employed. I'm wondering and hoping if there are any private lenders on BiggerPockets who are willing to lend to self-employed individuals? Our business is doing just fine and we have good cash flow (and can prove it with bank statements)... it's just that our tax returns show no income because we write off everything for taxes.

Would a hard money loan be applicable here? Or, are there any private lenders here on BP who would be interested in lending $24,000 with interest? 

I am determined to purchase this home for my mom so she can retire in peace. Any advice you guys can give me would be great. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to reply.