Anyone interested in a blogging joint venture?

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Perhaps this is a crazy idea, but I absolutely love the podcasts and would like to summarize and post all of them to the member blog. There is soooo much fantastic information in the podcasts and I would love to have a quick and comprehensive reference for the key ideas. Unfortunately, with my day job and 4 kids, this just isn’t going to happen. I’ve also looked into paying freelancers to do this, but even at the best rates I have found so far, the freelancer approach is quite expensive. So I’m wondering if any BP members would be interested in a joint venture to summarize the BP podcasts for $25 for each transcript. Your name and link to your personal profile would be included on each Blog post. My current approach is to create a “Top 10 Takeaways” format based on the “In This Episode We Cover” bullet points on the podcast webpage. It’s not difficult but can easily take me 2-3 hours or more for each podcast. If anyone is interested, let me know. We can start with one podcast at a time to see if this works for both of us. Or if this is just a terrible idea, please let me know!

Job Posting Details

  • Remote position: yes
  • Skills: Quick Reading & Editing
  • Benefits: $25 per podcast summary
  • How to apply: message me if interested

Hey Joel, this sounds like a great idea. What is the most time consuming aspect about this for you? Is it family life mixed with work? Or just the listening and editing? Or other details I’m missing? 

Thanks Gina Medrano,

The most time consuming aspect is the sheer volume. I can listen to the podcasts during the drive to and from work, but with over 400 podcasts and growing, reading and editing all of the transcripts at my current pace would probably take 5-7 months working 40 hours a week...or over 3.3 years working 1 hour a day every day. Of course, in 3.3 years, BP will probably have produced another 400+ podcasts, so catching up would be quite challenging if I did this alone.

My apologies for the following. This is more than you asked for! But, so far, I’ve only completed a handful of these personally and recently hired a freelancer (who is not doing this as a joint venture) on a trial basis.

Our current approach/format follows:

Mostly “Cut & Paste” Format:

  • Use “In Todays Podcast We Cover” (can find here: BP Podcast 006: Investing While Working a Full Time Job with Arthur Garcia) bullet points as the basic framework for our Top 10 Takeaway headings and create additional heading(s) if necessary.
  • Cut & Paste essential context and/or attention grabbing stories from the transcript (Show 006: Investing While Working a Full Time Job with Arthur Garcia) to support each Heading.
  • Find the word, phrase, or sentence(s) that directly answer the question posed/implied in the Heading and highlight this text in bold.
  • When possible, cut and trim the supporting paragraphs and sentences that are redundant and/or irrelevant.
  • In short, the reader should be able to quickly scan the headings and see the direct answers in bold, and read the remaining supporting text if necessary.

A sample of our current work can be found here: Top 10 Takeaways - Podcast 426 with Jon Wooten

If anyone is interested in trying one of these Top 10 summaries, we can set up payment through Venmo or some other electronic payment system.