Milwaukee Investors: How many people usually reply to your listing?

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This question is for the Milwaukee investors. How many people do you usually get interested in your property? I put adds on Zillow and Craigslist and have had over 30 inquiries in the last week. This seems kind of excessive to me and I wondered if I needed to raise the rent. I have a nicer 3 bedroom, 1 bath house in a decent neighborhood for $1095 a month. The house is not very big, but has a lot of nice features.  I had an open house yesterday and had approx. 15 applicants view the property. One completed the application on scene and I am doing the background screening now. Is this normal, or do I need to raise my rent?

If you have a nice property people will want it.

Originally posted by @Dawn Anastasi:

If you have a nice property people will want it.

 Words to live by .

True and wise words. I was just a little surprised at the amount of people and was wondering what the average tenant viewing is. The first time I rented the house, I had half the replies I got this time. Thanks for the input!

The time of the year also makes a difference.  People may be wanting to get moved in somewhere before winter hits.

@Jason V.  That is a big response.  It tells me you probably had a very effective ad with good pictures, and that the property is nicer than most the rentals you are competing with in that neighborhood.  So sounds like you did a great job, nothing wrong with that.  It is possible that the rent could be higher, it is something I would look at if I had a response like that.

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