The Moment You Realize Just How Bad Your Property Manager Is..

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When your property managers fix for water leaking into an apartment is this...

Please don't mind my venting. 

*3 Month vacancy for 1 unit costed us $350 in electricity from Jan - April 1st, when the main heat source is gas and there's only 1 electric baseboard in the bedroom. Plus the 3 month vacancy for trying to get a too high rent.    It is our fault for letting it take so long, but she strung us along saying we have more applications coming in.

* A tenant strung the management company for 6 weeks with no payments. Didn't tell us for over 4 weeks

*Than we had a water leak issue that went unresolved for over 3 weeks. At first she told us that they already fixed the issue with the "water speed bump". Than I saw a picture of this speed bump, had a heart attack and called a third party who said - "There's drains that are clogged." When both the property manager and their handyman weren't able to see the drains. Called them back to get them snaked. After 3 weeks of water issues, we just found out today that;

"BTW the plumber that snaked the outside drains says that they are blocked and probably collapsed as they only got dirt out. He did recommend a sump pump in XXX apartment,  possibly in a closet"

So we were trapped into a 1 year lease with the management company and they finally let us out of it July 31st, without paying them the remaining 9% gross remaining predicted rent because we were complaining too much and the unit is too much work. "I have unrealistic expectations for what a property management company does"

So do some due dillagence and get a property management company who will let you out of the lease if you are disatisfied with their services. I did interview the new manager who spoke with me for over 4 hours about his process, which I am very impressed by thus far.

Any suggestions would be great. We're not sure how to deal with the drain issue and am probably going to get another plumber to snake it and see what happens. I could go all day for how dissatisfied we are, but that would probably get irritating and boring. Of course this speed bump is a liability which they are going to take down, which is only going to ruin the cosmetic look of the sidewalk... Thanks for your time.

You are the tenant living in the apartment or do you own the apartments? 

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