Repair/Cleaning Cost Sheet for Tenant move-outs

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Does anyone have a document they provide to tenants that outlines the common turnover repair and cleaning costs that, if necessary, will be deducted from their security deposit?

- Clean dirty fridge: $50
- Replace scorched stove drip pans: $10 per pan
- Replace interior door: $200

- Replace light bulb: $5 per bulb,  etc., etc.

Just go room by room and think what is there that I could possibly list,

blind cost,  the door cost is rather interesting you may be required to show receipt, labor costs for replacement so I'd repairs /replacement starting at :  $$$. 

I list per hour cleaning fee for general cleaning. Appliances at per hour rate 

Window cleaning, tracks, at per window rate, 

A/C filter cleaning / wash it 10.00

Bath tub at hourly rate 

Key replacement, lock replacement, mail box key, remote control.

Glass and screen repair as per item 

Carpet Cleaning extra spot removal, cigarette burns, pet odor 

Sheetrock repair, nail holes starting at 15.00 per room

Nicotine smoke or grease smoked walls, wall wash, kilz primer per room charge, extra for ceilings.

Any furniture left per item, list couch 45.00, chair 25.00, mattress 25.00  plus labor to move. Note on pre move out sheet you should give them that furniture disposal is not included with moving out. I knew whose furniture it was because I showed apartment and knew where it was coming from.

Thanks, Deanna. I don't employ hourly workers, so my rate would be actual repair/replace/clean/disposal cost (paying contractors). Just looking for comparison on standardized cost line items like this. Thanks for your feedback, you have some things on yours that I had not included.

If you go to court a per hour cleaning rate is what you will be expected to show. I charge $15,00 per hour, I do cleaning sometimes myself. If you pay someone else keep track of what you pay them, and receipts for everything. Photos of before move in and photos at move out to document condition.

Biggest costs for us was usually the furniture we had to dispose of so I made a point to list those fees cuz it wasn't normal garbage and our haulers charged us extra for the stuff. 

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