Apartment or house rental in Raleigh, NC

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My daughter currently lives in Raleigh, NC and has bad credit but a good job.  She's currently a teacher in Raleigh, NC.  She  would like to move ASAP, her budget is no more than $900 per month.  If there is anyone whom can help, please let me know.  Thanks

It is all personal preference of course but I would rent a house all day over an apartment if you can find one within budget. The main reason for me is privacy. I have literally had neighbors above, below and on each side of me in an apartment and I could hear everything. Really annoying. Also, some places have ridiculous rules. 

There are pros and cons to each. Everything is handled with apartments. You may have to mow your own grass or do small repairs with a house depending on your landlord. 

The fact that this is needed ASAP will likely result in an apartment. They are very easy to find in comparison to a house.

@Trudy Ellison
What part of town does she want to be in? $900 could get a 2/2.5 townhouse 20 minutes outside of Raleigh. Let me know and I can recommend some areas to look.

Just as long as it's in Raleigh.  She has transportation.  Shaun any help is welcomed.  But don't forget her credit is not that good.

in and around these zip code area 27616, 27610 and 27603

Trudy let me see what I can do to help you. Have a few ideas.

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