Let's talk fire pits, grills, tiki torches and other flammables

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I know there are local laws governing fire pits, whether fire pits are allowed or not, and how far they need to be from the building, what types are allowed...and your insurance companies may have a say as well.  Same with grills, and tiki torches.

I don't have any clauses in my lease agreement to prohibit any of this explicitly, but I have a clause that prohibits any action that may invalidate or increase my insurance - which allows me to not allow fire pits, bounce houses, trampolines, above ground pools etc...

But recently I have had to send out various notices asking tenants to remove tiki torches and fire pits.  So I am thinking about may be adding some explicit rules on these into the agreement going forward.

So these are my questions.

(1) Do you just defer to local fire codes or insurance on whether you allow or not allow these items?  Or you have explicit clauses that prohibit these items?

(2) Do you allow fire pits?  If so does it matter which kind?  Ones built with bricks over 10 feet away is ok?  Ones bought at Walmart for $30 that is easily tipped over is OK?

(3) Do you allow tiki torches?

(4) Do you allow grills?  Does it depends on whether it's charcoal or gas?  Does it depend on location?  Big back yard OK?  Small balcony or patio?  What about when building is 7.5' from the property line with wood fences would that be too close to allow a grill there?  If you do allow gas grills, do you care where your tenants store their propane?

2 of my single family houses are on 3/4 acre lots . The tenants have fire rings and occasionally have fires . I dont care .  ( one is a fireman , the other has been there 20 years )

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